The alliance is an NGO founded in accordance with the law. Founded in Taiwan, where democracy, freedom, and diversity is promoted and respected, the alliance will connect gay sports organizations across Asia countries and regions to prompt more collaborations and exchange. Gay sports events can also contribute to advancing each country’s gay rights. At the same time, as an international entity, the alliance will shed light on the diversity of Asian cultures and be the thought leader on the topic of “Asia, Gay, Sports,” which encompasses both the modern and traditional, as well as everyting in between.


Director-General of the Asia Pride Games Alliance
CHINESE TAIPEI OLYMPIC COMMITTEE Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Commision Executive Board

Taiwan Gay Sports & Move movement Association Founder, Co-chair 2018~2022
Asia Pride Games Alliance Founder
2022 Taipei Asia Pride Games Founder, Co-chair


秘書長 CHIH CHUN, YANG(楊智群)
副秘書長 SASAKI SHIGERY (佐佐木繁)
專案人員 NGUYEN ANH TU (阮英秀)